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CHP’s Relationship Coaching Series   PDF flier: Click here

Next Workshop May 25th 8:00pm to 9:30pm

3 Simple Steps To Super Charge Your Relationship

Learning These 3 Simple Skills

Can Help You Make Your Relationship More Fulfilling

Is your relationship drifting ?.....or has it hit a bumpy patch?

 You’re not alone, most relationships after some time do go through ups and downs. The key is to recognize it and to take action!

 Just like the skipper of a ship would continually make mid-course corrections, so do couples need to take corrective steps.

 Ups and downs are a natural part of life’s journey– yet they can test even the strongest relationships. Often, couples tend to just ignore the situation and hope that things will get back on track. In extreme cases, some may feel like abandoning ship! 

 It’s really not one or the other partner’s fault for this breakdown.  TV shows & movies have played into our fantasies of couples riding into the sunset & fairy-tale endings. When we feel the relationship drifting, we’re quick to blame each other. Lack of effective communication skills can make the problem worse. 

There are 3 simple steps to help restore any relationship and to help it thrive.

1. Understanding hidden attractions

2. Taming pet peeves

3. Identifying truth from fiction

 Once you understand the above three points and take little action steps to use them, you & and your partner can achieve a tremendous fulfilling relationship.

 Center for Creative Human Performance (CHP) is offering a two-session workshop in which you’ll learn these 3 basic steps and will be able to quickly put them into practice.

 Whether you are married, dating or in a committed relationship, you can get the right tools from Dr. Jeff Aurebach. He’s the author of the book “Irritating the Ones You Love” Through years of experience he has developed the “3 Jars Technique” to help identify building blocks, patterns  and sources of irritation in your relationship. Dr. Auerbach helps clients to identify and modify virtually any situations in their relationship that may be a roadblock and to transform the relationship into a fulfilling journey

· New Groups are regularly scheduled.

· Each workshop has two sessions spaced several weeks apart

· Each session is 1½ hours long

· Cost per session is $25 per person per session

· Workshop location: 688 C Knowles Ave Southampton Pa 18966

· Call 215-364-3722 for more information






















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